Film Series Extended Into June!

Breaking News! The Park Ridge Public Library’s 2015 spring series, Cinema of Transcendence, will be extended one week into June. The series will conclude on June 4 with a 7 PM screening of One Foot In Heaven (1941) starring Fredric March. One Foot in Heaven is the film that inspired the series, so we are grateful to have the opportunity to present it to the community.

Last year I had contacted the Warner Film Archive in the hope of getting this title released. I also encouraged members of the Fredric March Film Society (on Facebook, which I administer) to write in and request that this title become a priority. George Feltenstein of Warner Archive responded back to my request saying that the film was in fact on the list of those titles they were hoping to release soon. However, the company needed to restore the film elements for a proper release. One Foot in Heaven had never been released commercially on dvd before but has played on the TCM cable channel. I was informed there was a chance it would be available in the spring of 2015.

Not knowing whether it would be available to us or not, we moved forward without this important film in the schedule. Two weeks ago we received word that One Foot in Heaven— as well as other Fredric March movies like Anthony Adverse (1936)– would be released in early March 2015. We had already gone to press with our Library newsletter, so the March/April issue will not reflect this last-minute addition.

We would like to thank Warner Archive for finally releasing one of the finest films of the 1940s– as well as the Reader Services Dept. of the Park Ridge Public Library for working this movie into the programming schedule. The film has not been shown in the Chicago area since I last presented it (on 16mm) at the LaSalle Bank revival theatre in 2003.


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One Response to Film Series Extended Into June!

  1. Tom says:

    I remember seeing this at the LBC back in 2003, and falling in love with it. It’s become one of my favorite movies. Thanks for shining the spotlight on this film, Matthew! Many people forget this was nominated for Best Picture!

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