Transcendence Defined

tran*scend*ent (tran’sen dent) adj. [L transcendens, prp. of transcendere] 1 transcending; surpassing; excelling; extraordinary 2 Philos. a) beyond the limits of possible experience b) in Kantianism, beyond human knowledge 3 Theol. existing apart from the material universe: said of God: distinguished from IMMANENT– tran*scend’*ence n. or tran*scend’*encytran*scend’*ently adv.
~Webster’s New World College Dictionary, Fourth Edition (2005)

What does Cinema of Transcendence mean? Without the subtitle– “Spirituality in Film”– the name of our program could be a little vague, and perhaps that is a good thing. The title makes people stop and wonder what it’s all about.

Simply stated, as applied to our program, Cinema of Transcendence refers to films of faith that reflect the best of humanity. These films inspire rarefied qualities that are attainable for society as a whole yet suggest things that are unknowable and fall within Divine provenance. As all the films screened are from Hollywood’s Golden Age, they all reflect a distinctly Christian perspective.

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