Recommended Books II by matthew c . hoffman

The 2015 film series, Cinema of Transcendence, was largely inspired by one film book: Divine Images: A History of Jesus on the Screen by Roy Kinnard and Tim Davis. However, since our last screening a couple years ago, I have found many other books on the subject. This will be very useful to anyone interested in “Faith in Film.”

Catching Light: Looking For God in the Movies by Roy Anker
Of Pilgrims and Fire: When God Shows Up at the Movies by Roy Anker
Finding God in the Movies: 33 Films of Reel Faith by Catherine Barsotti, Robert Johnston
God in the Movies by Albert Bergesen, Andrew Greeley
Bible and Cinema by Adele Reinhartz
The Continuum Companion to Religion and Film by William Blizek
Paul Tillich and the Possibility of Revelation Through Film by Jonathan Brant
Catholics in the Movies by Colleen McDonnell
The Filmgoers Guide to God by Tim Cawkwell
Cinema Divinite by Eric Christianson
Cinema, Religion and the Romantic Legacy by Paul Coates
Wicked Cinema by Daniel Cutrara
Into the Dark by Craig Detweiler
Encyclopedia of Religion and Film by Eric Michael Mazar
Faith and Spirituality in Masters of World Cinema by Kenneth Morefield
Discovering World Religions at 24 Frames Per Second by Julien Fielding
Film and Religion by Paul Flesher, Robert Torry
Face to Face With Angels by Sandra Gorgievski
The Religious Film by Pamela Grace
Imagining Religion in Film by M. Gail Hamner
The Sacred and the Cinema by Sheila Nayar
Celluloid Sermons by Terry Lindvall, Andrew Quicke
The Catholic Church and Hollywood by Alexander McGregor
Cinema and Sentiment by Clive Marsh
The Celluloid Madonna by Catherine O’Brien
Saints, Clergy and Others on Film and Television by Ann Paietta
Cinema as Pulpit by J. Ryan Parker
Scripture on the Silver Screen by Adele Reinhartz
The Religion and Film Reader by Jolyon Mitchell, S. Brent Plate
Representing Religion in World Cinema by S. Brent Plate
The Routledge Companion to Religion and Film by John Lyden
Hollywood Dreams and Biblical Stories by Bernard Brandon Scott
Screening Scripture by George Aichele, Richard Walsh
The Bible on Silent Film by David J Shepherd
Teaching Religion and Film by Gregory Watkins
Religion and Film: An Introduction by Melanie Wright
Images of the Word: Hollywood’s Bible and Beyond by David Shepherd
The Bible on the Big Screen by J. Stephen Lang
Hollywood Biblical Epics by Richard Lindsay
The Gospel in Disney: Christian Values in the Early Animated Classics
by Philip Longfellow Anderson
Faith in Film by Christopher Deacy
Between Hollywood and Godlywood by Nathalie Dupont
Movies That Matter: Reading Film Through the Lens of Faith by Richard Leonard
Sanctuary Cinema: Origins of the Christian Film Industry by Terry Lindvall
Theology Goes to the Movies by Clive Marsh
Reel Revelations by John Walliss, Lee Quinby
The Hidden God: Film and Faith by Mary Lea Bandy, Antonio Monda
Screen Jesus by Peter Malone
Salvation in Celluloid by Robert Pope
Jesus of Hollywood by Adele Reinhartz
Christians in the Movies by Peter E. Dans
Sacred Profanity: Spirituality at the Movies by Aubrey Malone
Religion in Film by John R. May, Michael Bird

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