2015 Film Schedule

***All presentations begin at 7:00 PM with a lecture by film historian Matthew C. Hoffman. Doors open at 6:30 PM.***

March 5: The Gaucho (1927) Dir. F. Richard Jones. 96min. Douglas Fairbanks’ most unusual film with Doug cast as a South American adventurer in a story about religious conversion. With Lupe Velez.
Short: The Light of Faith (1922) Edited version of The Light in the Dark, a story about the Holy Grail featuring Lon Chaney, Sr.

March 12: The Sign of the Cross (1932) Dir. Cecil B. DeMille. 124 min. Fredric March is a Roman centurion who falls in love with a Christian girl (Elissa Landi) in this pre-Code classic. With Charles Laughton.

March 26: Gabriel Over the White House (1933) Dir. Gregory La Cava. 87 min. Walter Huston portrays a reckless President whose body and mind are overtaken by a higher power in this bizarre but fascinating pre-Code drama.

April 1: Ben-Hur (1959) Dir. William Wyler. 212 min. Presented by the Pickwick Theatre Classic Film Series. Visit www.parkridgeclassicfilm.com for updates on this screening.

April 2: Last Days of Pompeii (1935) Dir. Ernest B. Schoedsack. 96 min. One of Hollywood’s early disaster films starring Preston Foster as a blacksmith turned gladiator and Basil Rathbone as Pontius Pilate. The special effects were done by the same team responsible for King Kong (1933).

April 9: Dante’s Inferno (1935) Dir. Harry Lachman. 88 min. An unforgettable journey into the netherworld with Spencer Tracy as an unscrupulous businessman. With Claire Trevor and Henry B. Walthall.

April 16: Les Miserables (1935) Dir. Richard Boleslawski. 108 min. The definitive version of the Victor Hugo novel (minus the singing) with Fredric March as a convict pursued by Charles Laughton. With Cedric Hardwicke, Rochelle Hudson, and Frances Drake.

April 23: The Walking Dead (1936) Dir. Michael Curtiz. 66 min. Boris Karloff is resurrected as an avenging angel in a film that mixes the gangster genre with horror.

April 30: Book Sale Set-Up

May 14: Angels With Dirty Faces (1938). Dir. Michael Curtiz. 97 min. One of the greatest gangster movies of the 1930s with James Cagney, Pat O’Brien, Ann Sheridan, and the Dead End Kids.

May 21 Strange Cargo (1940) Dir. Frank Borzage. 113 min. Clark Gable and Joan Crawford escape Devil’s Island only to find a regeneration of the soul. With Ian Hunter, Peter Lorre, and Albert Dekker.

May 28: Stars in My Crown (1950) Dir. Jacques Tourneur. 89 min. Joel McCrea plays a gun-totin’ preacher in this magnificent Western about racial intolerance. With Ellen Drew and Dean Stockwell.

June 4: One Foot in Heaven (1941) Dir. Irving Rapper. 108 min. Fredric March portrays the real-life Methodist minister William Spence in this splendid story about church life in early 20th century America. With Martha Scott.

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Also recommended:

Screening at the Music Box Theatre (3733 N. Southport, Chicago) as part of “The Works of Frank Capra”:

January 3-4: The Miracle Woman (1931) 35mm
February 7-8: Lost Horizon (1937) DCP New restoration


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